LG smartphone targeted at budget market

More information has appeared on a new LG GT540 smartphone that was initially – but all too briefly – revealed to the public at the CES way back in January.

At that time, LG had applied a standard company numerical name only. However, it has now been revealed, by the Phandroid website, that the new GT540 phone has a brand name and will be known as the LG Optimus.


The phone, which will arrive in an array of different colours (see accompanying image), was targeted with an April release date into Europe. It is currently unknown if that date will be adhered to.

In the meantime, for a smartphone that will be aimed at the lower cost areas of the market, it is intriguing to see that it will carry the latest version of the Android operating system, version 2.1. Other confirmed features are scarce. However, we do know that the phone will feature a 3-megapixel camera and a relatively small display.

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