Nokia N8 to be released via O2 UK?

The word is – no was – that the Nokia N8 was due to be announced on 13 April. That date appeared and passed in deafening silence. So what happens? We all look for the next rumour which reliably arrived like a bowl on a sushi conveyor belt with a note to say that the N8, the first Nokia handset to feature a 12-megapixel camera, would now be appearing in the UK, via O2. The problem? Apparently Symbian^3 is ready for the party, but, because of first night nerves, it’s locked itself in the loo. Nokia promises to beat the door down by mid-July.

In addition to the Nokia N8, a new X-series phone has been spotted skulking in the bushes. The Nokia N5 exists but, apart from the fact that it features Bluetooth – be still our beating hearts – there’s not much to say. In fact, there’s nothing else to say but, when we do say it, we’ll say it to you and pretty pronto too.

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