Palm is up for sale

After our recent blog about the Palm Pre and how Palm has remained largely absent from the High Street, further news has suggested all is not well with the manufacturer. Not one to mince our words, Palm is in trouble. When we say trouble, we mean “…the whole company’s up for sale so please, someone, come and rescue us before we shrivel up in the Spring sunshine.” That sort of trouble.

And there are two companies who want to buy the outfit. Two that we know about, anyway. Lenovo and Huawei are apparently in the foreground but, well, anyone out there who’s played the eBay game will know that, when you get to bid for something, those last five minutes can be critical as in comes that late bidder. So, who knows, right?

Huawei did declare to Reuters that, “Huawei is always open to consider opportunities that will further enhance its business development.”


Inscrutable, isn’t it?

The company would need to find $1.3 billion in its back pocket, though. But Huawei secured $1 billion profit last year so, hey, small change.

Just don’t discount Nokia…or HTC…or ZTE

Click to read the Reuters story

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