Nokia to create a Windows 7 tablet?

Ah, they’re all at it. Ever since, Apple announced that it had sold 450,000 [and counting] iPads to the market, the rest of the mobile community has pricked up its ears and reached for its cake slicers.

The word is that Nokia, for example, is looking to produce its own tablet based upon the Windows 7 operating system. Apparently, the New York Times has heard that, after the company’s successful launch of the Booklet 3G, Nokia is examining the tablet route with the intention of becoming the big cheese in the digital books and apps marketplace.

And then there's Google - who'll have have something to say about Nokia's ambitions. Apparently the company is talking to publishers of both books and magazines along with other digital content providers to collate as many goodies as possible prior to any official launch of an Android-based model.

We’ll pass on more information when we get it.

Click to read the New York Times story

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