Samsung phone multitasks 62 apps!

Recently, the Apple iPhone made the headlines with news that its attendant operating system, OS 4, will be able to multitask. Shouts of “Huzzah!” and other festive declamations were liberally shared around the populace. Well, a humble Samsung phone, it seems, cannot only better that assertion but can walk all over it with size 10 boots.


The phone in question, the Samsung i8910 Omnia, modified with a custom firmware upgrade, has been clocked at running 62 – that’s 62 – apps all at the same time. Surely this is some kind of record? The software has been derived by the jauntily monikered Andy HyperX.

The Omina i8910 HD features a 600MHz Cortex CPU and runs on the Symbian S60 touch operating system. It packs in 256MB of memory.

Click for more information and to download the upgraded firmware


Click to see a video on the upgraded, multi-tasking Omnia mobile phone in action

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