Blackberry's official Twitter moves one step closer

One of the most popular social networking services currently on the market is Twitter and it now looks like Blackberry mobile phone owners will finally be receiving an official app client of their own because Blackberry owner, Research in Motion, has just announced that its own Twitter efforts has just reached its next stage of development, moving from a private, invitation-only, testing environment to a public beta stage.

With the update has come a range of new features including a general improvement in the performance level. However, more specifically, there is now notification support for DMs, replies and mentions. You can also create and manage lists as well as edit profiles. Also, there is the ability to magnify avatars, according to the Blackberry App World website.


Observers looking at this early version of the official client rate it very highly and postulate that it may end up being one of the best Twitter clients on the market. It should also integrater with other, related, apps such as Xobni.

We’ll pass on more development information when we get it.

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