iPhone 4th Gen to feature front facing camera?

There have been a number of recent rumours that the next, fourth, generation iPhone will feature a front-facing camera for use with video calls. On this site, we discovered an ‘accidental’ post by O2 UK in March detailing tariffs for video calls on the iPhone, which was later denied. A similar ‘mistake’ was made last week. Now, the recently announced iPhone OS 4.0 SDK has revealed news of an app called iChat, which will allow video calls. An ‘iChatAgent’ process has recently been discovered, for example.


The fact that Apple has refused to discuss the possibility of the inclusion of an iChat app is seen by many observers as Apple suppressing possible speculation of an iPhone front facing camera. The OS 4 SDK, however, also includes, in the AVCaptureDevice.h section, mentions of AVCaptureDevicePositionFront, flash (AVCaptureFlashModeOn/Off/auto) and torch/flashlight (AVCaptureTorchModeOn/Off/Auto).

Of course, front facing cameras are not new. However, whenever a feature is included by Apple, it is often so well implemented that its popularity rises immeasurably. We’ll pass on more details when we get them.

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