Mobiado luxury style concept phone

Mobiado, known for producing mobile phones for the luxury and style markets and for creating designs that are often seen as having a slight edge such as its Classic and Stealth phones, has decided to provide a new design with an edge of a different sort. The CPT001 is only a concept, at the moment, but offers you a chunk of solid marble which acts as a chassis. Engraved within that are gold details while a large piece of sapphire acts as the touch screen. The chassis buttons, meanwhile, are made from gold while a gold skeleton mechanical watch movement is positioned between the Call and End buttons, according to the Intomobile website.

In a statement, the company said that, “Mobiado is consistently guided by a philosophy of doing things differently, and this principle has now given rise to the CPT001 concept phone. Staying on the cutting edge of design required the freedom to push the limits of what a luxury phone can be.”

Will the phone arrive on the market? We’ll let you know if it does.


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