Nokia now features motion-based apps

Nokia has extended the type of apps it currently offers users via its Ovi Store, announcing that it can now offer motion-based apps for download.


As with any new announcement, there is an upside and a downside. On the downside, most of the apps on offer are pretty irrelevant and very silly. Witness Fart Control (literally, you can see a video of the app in action here) that works with the phone’s camera to initiate a fart noise, remotely, as it where.

There are also other, similarly useless, apps such as, according to the Ovi Blog website, Fortune Cookies (crush a virtual fortune cookie with a wave of your hand), Ninja Strike (throw Ninja stars using the phone’s camera as a trigger point) and Truth or Dare (spin the bottle with a hand motion). Stop yawning at the back!


The upside, for now, is Moove, a MP3 song shuffler (move to the next song with  wave of your hand) and eyeCall that allows you to move your hand in front of the phone camera to silence an incoming call. Also, if you cover the phone with your hand, the phone will automatically reply with a set text message. There are possibilities, therefore.

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