Microsoft changes new Windows OS name

We’ve been waiting to have a rant about the moniker Microsoft deigned to place upon its new operating system for some time but we’re a civilised lot at Mobile Choice, so we prefer to keep a sense of decorum but Microsoft’s news that it is changing the name of its forthcoming operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series has, to coin a piece of politico phraseology, ‘pushed against an open door’.

Microsoft recently announced, via a recent Twitter message, that it was changing the name of its Windows Phone 7 Series operating system. Truncating it, in fact, to Windows Phone 7.  Well, thank goodness for that, is our first response. Not only does ‘Windows Phone 7 Series’ not scan, it’s bloody difficult to say, sounds like it was created by picking a bunch of random words out of a felt bag and is so lacking in sparkle that you lose interest half-way through.

So now we have Windows Phone 7? Why not do the sensible thing, Microsoft, and settle on Windows Mobile 7? You know that the latter is the obvious choice, is simple, easy to remember, is broad enough to handle various platforms and, well, sounds less poncy.

Click to read that Twitter announcement

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