Top Three Bluetooth Car Kits

Bluetooth headsets are fine and dandy, but sometimes, especially when driving we want both our lugholes free from irritation. While using a phone while driving is not only dangerous, but also illegal the only other alternative is a car kit. Thankfully there's plenty of choice. We've handpicked three of our favourites currently making the roads a safer place while keeping you connected.

Bury Crystal Car Kit

So advanced is the Bury Crystal that you'll need a professional to install it. While this will involve arranging a convenient time for the process to take place, the results are well worth it. Impressively compact the Crystal fits on a holder that is attached to your dashboard. Turn the ignition and it will fire up, automatically pairing with your phone. In fact it can pair with up to 10 devices, useful if you car share, though one will have to be set as the default.


However, the piece de resistance is the Crystal's ability to read aloud any incoming text messages.  What's more, the Crystal downloads your contacts enabling you to call someone by simply saying "Dial Adam." It's worth checking that your phone is compatible with the Crystal before purchasing, though Bury is continually updating its software to accommodate more handsets. Likewise some Blackberry's will even read your emails out loud to you. Technology hey?


The Bury Crystal is available from 20:20 Mobile for £199.99 including installation.


Size: 152 x 55 x 29mm
Weight: N/A
Talktime: N/A
Standby time: N/A
Bluetooth: 2.1

Supertooth Buddy

Not only is the Supertooth Buddy ideal for taking calls on the road, the fact that it is so transportable means it can also be used for conference calls. Unlike the Bury Crystal, there's no installation process needed with the Buddy. Simply switch the device on, turn on your phone's Bluetooth and the Buddy's auto pairing service will take care of the rest. What's more, you can pair up to two phones to the Supertooth Buddy at any one time. Useful if you have a phone for work and one for play.


With its magnetic clip, the Supertooth Buddy is designed to be attached to the car's sun visor. However, we'd urge you not to forget to remove it each time you leave your car, thus removing temptation from potential thieves. Upon your return, the Buddy will automatically reconnect to your phone saving you the hassle of having to repair. Though the Supertooth Buddy offers an impressive 20 hours of talktime and 1000 hours standby, if you do run low on juice you can always top up with USB cable charger complete with car lighter adapter.


The Supertooth Buddy is available from Carphone Warehouse for £49.99.


Size: 128 x 149 x 13mm
Weight: 454g
Talktime: 20 hours
Standby time: 1000 hours
Bluetooth: 2.1


Scosche SolCHAT

Praise the heavens, could it be that spring has finally arrived? Make the most of what sun we get with the solCHAT a solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone. Absorbing sunlight into its integrated solar panel while attached to the cars windscreen or sun visor the solCHAT offers a handsfree option with the added bonus of being eco-friendly. Should the British weather remain as sun-free as ever, the solCHAT can also be charged with the boxed-in backup USB charging cable and car adaptor. However, if the sun keeps his hat on then the solCHAT can store the energy from the sun's rays for up to a year within its internal Lithium-ion battery.
Once the solCHAT has been paired to their mobile via Bluetooth, consumers will also be able to summon their contacts by simply speaking their name (so long as their phone is compatible), while incoming calls will also be read to them via the caller ID.
The solCHAT is available from for £59.99.


Size: 92.1 x 52.4 x 12.7mm
Weight: 310g
Talktime: Eight hours
Standby time: 400 hours
Bluetooth: 2.0

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