iPhone OS 4.0 ? more multitasking info

It’s ironic that such a fuss was made about the iPhone’s OS version 3.0 not including multitasking. The view was made that, well, in this day and age it’s crazy that the iPhone can’t multitask. Now, we’re hearing that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series OS may not be able to multitask but the iPhone 4.0 OS will. And how will it be done? Via the company’s own Exposé-like interface which appeared on the Apple desktop computer years ago.

In practice, according to the Apple Insider website, the task will be initiated by hitting the Home button twice to bring up the icons of the currently running applications. To switch, you’d just scroll to the require app, select it and that app would be brought forward for use. Simple and to the point. We have to emphasise, however, that while this information is informed, it is still speculation - nothing has been officially announced as yet.

Expect to see the release of OS 4.0, along with possibly a new iPhone, during Summer, most probably June.


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