Orange UK to handle new Gigabyte phone?

We recently noticed that Gigabyte had released two new mobile phones into the Ukraine market without much of a fanfare. One of the handsets was called the Gigabyte GSmart C1305 Codfish: not the most romantic of names, we’re sure you’ll agree. It now seems that Orange UK, which has recently been focusing on the HTC Desire, may be in the process of signing this handset up for inclusion into its phone roster. If the handset is to be handled by Orange then expect a release ‘soon’. We have no specific release dates, however, or a price.

One important factor for a possible Orange-backed version of this phone is a name change, thank goodness. The phone may be known as the Gigabyte GSmart C1305 Boston. Sexy? No. Solid? Yes. But anything’s better than Codfish. Who wants a phone that sounds smelly before you even pick the thing up?

The ‘Boston’, if that’s to be the new moniker, will run Android, according to the Phandroid website, but, at this time, we have no information on what version that might be.

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