Nokia releases Nokia Bots

A new series of add-ons, aimed at owners of the Nokia N97 and the Nokia N97 mini, has just been announced by Nokia itself. To be known as Nokia Bots, the new software will, “…autonomously learn your personal preferences and improve the user experience with your daily routines. These Bots run on the homescreen and observe how you use your phone,” said Ari Tourunen, Symbian Devices, Nokia Bots team,


At the moment, there are four Bots available for download. The Alarm Bot learns when you normally set your basic alarm and then suggests a selection of suitable alarms types and profiles; Profile Bot automatically changes profile types to suit different occasions; Shortcut Bot gives you quicker access to frequently uses apps while Battery Bot reminds you to connect to the charger when necessary.

There was no indication, as yet, that the Bots would be migrated to other Nokia mobile phone platforms.

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