Orange UK to launch new iPhone games

Further to its recent Xperia X10 announcement, Orange UK has, in addition to its HMV-related gaming plans, decided to take the entertainment offensive by announcing the late-April release of a range of new iPhone games including a racing game, card games and a social networking platform called Playtomo (which, in itself, will feature a variety of genre titles).


Orange UK will also be offering a subscription-only gaming service called Games Zone. To be launched tomorrow, the service will provide two free games up-front with 20% off other titles plus exclusive competitions. The service will cost £5 per month, according to the Mobile Entertainment website.

"Innovative gaming services such as Playtomo and Games Zone give customers the best possible gaming experience and value for money on their mobile phone, while enabling us to develop our offering and maintain our lead as the number one gaming operator in the UK, " said Orange's head of gaming products and services Neil Holroyd.

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