Vertu limited edition handsets announced

After the launches of the Vertu Constellation F Ayxta and Constellation F, Nokia has launched four limited edition mobile phones featuring hand-painted chassis along with gold elements. To celebrate the first birthday of the Japanese flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo the new Vertus have been launched there, according to the Crunch Gear website.

Taking a rather spiritual view point, the new phones have been tagged as the Vertu Kinko, Vertu Kikusui, Vertu Nanten and Vertu Daigo which, as a whole, represent the four seasons.


We say these phones are limited but what does that mean? How about just four copies of each phone available? As you might expect, therefore, the price for each of these luxorious mobile style phones is not low. In fact, each handset will be available for an equivalent price of £145,000 each.

Oh, the phone includes an offer of free local calls. Just think about that for a second. If that feature wasn’t so patronising, it’d be funny.

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