Nokia E72 to be sold via 3 in May

The Nokia E72 mobile phone, part of the popular E-series on business-oriented mobile phones complete with a QWERTY keyboard, will be on sale via 3, in the UK, from May.

According to the 3 Blog, the company knows that  “…we’re behind the curve on this one, but because of our late decision to range it we do need some time to configure it for our network. That’s not just making sure Skype and WLM work on it but there’s lots of fundamental backend activity that needs to happen to make sure it works on our network in the right way.”

Prices for the new handset have yet to be announced.

In related news, 3 considered including the HTC HD2 but decided against it, “We would have loved to range but have decided against it. We feel that the Hero and Desire are more accessible handsets for our customers.”

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