Samsung Wave And Galaxy S ? DivX world first

Samsung’s two new hi-spec mobile phones, the Wave S8500 and the Galaxy S i9000 are packed with features that should appeal to many prospective buyers.


One of the increasingly attractive element of mobile phones, however, especially those touchscreen handsets with larger format screens, is the ability to view video. A useful activity when, for example, travelling on a train and one of the significant software supports for many modern touchscreen phones has been the avility to handle the DivX video format.

Well, now, according to the Korean Newswire website, both of these  new mobiles have taken this facility to a new level as both offer the possibility of playing HD versions of the DivX system – a world’s first.

Expect to see the entry of the Samsung Wave S8500 into Europe during April or May and the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 towards the Autumn months.

Click to read the Korean Newswire story

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