APP WATCH: Get London Reading on the iPhone

Ever walked down your road and wondered if the street has been referenced in any pieces of literature? No nor me. However, you might if you had the KentLyons’ Get London Reading iPhone app. Using augmented reality, by holding your iPhone up, a virtual floating book cover will appear indicating any novels that reference or are based around that street or area. For example, use the app while standing on Baker Street and sure enough the floating book symbol will indicate that a certain Arthur Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes who of course was based on Baker Street.


The Get London Reading app aims to drive more people to reading, the idea being that people are more likely to pick up a book that mentions an area they are already familiar with. KentLyons, the brains behind the application also hopes it will get more people out and about, walking the streets of London.


The Get London Reading app is available now for free from iTunes.


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