QuantumFilm image sensors to revolutionise mobile cameras?

InVisage Technologies has declared that it has initiated a break-through in mobile phone-based camera performance with a new, quantum dot-based, image sensor technology which replaces the normal silicon-base technology.

InVisage believes that its new camera technology, which has been three years in the making, will increase mobile camera performance by at least four times, whilst doubling the dynamic range and including professional camera features not yet found in mobile image sensors. Expect to see the first product based on the technology later this year.

 “It is safe to say that the industry spends an average of $1 billion for each new generation of pixel technology, all to achieve a single-digit percentage improvement in image quality,” said Tetsuo Omori, senior analyst, Techno Systems Research Co. “The future of imaging is in new materials like QuantumFilm, which will change the competitive landscape and possibly re-ignite the pixel race.”

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