Samsung announces new Bluetooth headset

Following its Corby and WEP100 headsets, Samsung has announced that it is on the verge of releasing a new Bluetooth headset that will be known as the Samsung Modus HM3500.

The new headset features a noise cancellation facility that works with the built in dual microphone design. The idea is that the two microphones help to separate the user’s voice from the surrounding background noise coming from the road-side, within a crowd of people and so on.

The Modus also includes multipoint technology. This feature allows you to connect the headset between two Bluetooth devices such as two mobile phones, computers or MP3 players. Stereo is included but that will be muted when a call comes in or you initiate a call. Stereo then switches back on afterwards.


Apparently, the unit can run for six hours on a single charge.


At the moment, the company has yet to release a release date, distribution details or a final price point.


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