Moshi Moshi handset turns your mobile into a home phone

Ever wanted to transfer your mobile calls to a landline? Check out these cordless Bluetooth handsets that pair with your mobile, allowing calls to go through a regular handset.


The Moshi Moshi handsets come from Native Union and have no actual phone part - instead, each either Bluetooth-pairs to your mobile phone, or plugs in via 3.5mm jack.


Moshi Moshi 04 is the high-end one of the bunch, and not only pairs with your mobile phone so that you can take calls and use Skype via the handset, but also acts as a Bluetooth speaker for music on your handset. Place it lengthways on its cradle and it's an audio system, but when you get a call  on your mobile, you can just pick up the Moshi Moshi handset and it'll automatically switch into call mode.


There's also an 03 version that is simply used for calls and Skype. Without the speaker feature, it's just a long, sleek, regular-looking handset, and comes in black or white. We tried out both models and take it from us - it's way more suited  to cradling between your ear and shoulder than your teeny smartphone.


The handsets will automatically pair with your phone as soon as it's in service range so that when you're home, for example, you'll automatically be able to take mobile calls on a landline-sized handset instead.


Finally, base model 02 actually plugs into your phone (as long as it has a 3.5mm jack) before calls can be taken through it. Extra bonus? All three handsets almost eliminate the radiation from a mobile.


Moshi Moshi 02 launches this month for £50, while models 03 and 04 are available in May, for £90 and £140 respectively.

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