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With 'App' in its name, the Apple iPhone has become the iconic device when it comes to applications with access to tens of thousands. While Apple has been criticised for heavily policing third party applications, the flipside is that you know each app you download will do just what it says on the tin. Whether it's downloading them from iTunes or the Apple App Store, both are beautifully navigated enabling you to find that sought after app as well as discovering a host of new ones.


Social Networking

TW'ER / Divertation / Free
Want to get something off your chest? Perhaps it's a little controversial. This neat little app allows you to preach to the world (well those on Twitter) anonymously. There's no need to sign up to any account and not only will you be able to Tweet your views to the public timeline, you'll also be able to read all other public Twitterings.



HIPSTAMATIC / Synthetic Infatuation / $1.99
The iPhone is not known for its camera prowess, but the Hipstamatic app will help transform it into a far more competent snapper. Once downloaded, your iPhone will automatically be kitted out with a variety of (digital) lenses and flashes. Your snaps will have a somewhat old school feel with faded, discoloured and analogue-looking images that are a shout back to the '80's. You can also choose between, colour, black and white, and sepia images.



OCARINA / Chuck-Inc / $0.99
Turn your iPhone into a musical instrument with the Ocarina app. Akin to an archaic flute an Ocarina will be familiar to fans of the game Zelda. By gently blowing into the phone's mic, you'll be able to change note by adjusting your fingers on the virtual keys. Fun for just making a racket or for actually playing a tune, there's a host of musical scores posted on the Ocarina website.


Sat Nav

NAVMII UK / Navmii / £19.99
There's a host of excellent sat nav apps on the iPhone, but at just £19.99 Navmii UK makes for one of the best value for money with no monthly fees or data charges. With both voice and visual turn-by-turn navigation it's also ideal for travelling by foot or by car, with speed limit warnings an added bonus. Sparkling on the 3.5-inch touch-screen, users have the option of viewing their maps in either 2D or 3D, while the night mode will help avoid distraction on those long dark nights. With thousands of points of interest recognised, Navmii UK makes the ideal travelling companion.


AUTO TRADER / Auto Trader / Free
In the market for a new car? Perhaps you're just curious on how much your new neighbours motor is worth? With the Auto Trader app you'll be able to do both. Using the iPhone's camera, take a snap of any regular number plate (private registrations won't work) and the Auto Trader app will scour its database to find listings for that model of car. Using your current location vehicles will be displayed in terms of how near to you they are, how much they are listed for and the option of calling the vendor direct.



BATTERY FREE / Santiago Lema / Free
While this app won't increase the much maligned battery life of your iPhone, it will keep you up to date with how much power you have left in terms of time. Monitoring your battery life in increments of 5%, you'll instantly know how many hours your have left for music playback, video playback, talktime, internet browsing (on Wi-Fi or 3G) and standby. You'll never find yourself suddenly running out of juice again.


Location based

YELL.COM / Yell Ltd. / Free
Yellow Pages' business listings app has recently been spruced up to now include augmented reality. Users can now hold up their phone with the camera viewer and see local businesses highlighted making them even easier to locate. Press on one of the info boxes and the address, phone number, opening hours and website of the business will be displayed. Utilising the iPhone's GPS and compass, you can even swivel 360° taking in any businesses behind you. The app will even show businesses on adjacent streets or any hidden behind a corner. You can also change the distance that the app will search through to limit the number of results given.


TUBE EXITS / Wavana CC / $0.99
London Underground. Rush hour. Nightmare. Make it a little easier with this time saving app that cleverly informs you as to what tube carriage you should board in order to be closest to the station exit. Claiming to shave around 10 minutes off your journey time, Tube Exits still works without an internet connection, so users can even plan their journeys underground, while favourite routes can also be saved for easy one-touch access.



SCANNER PRO / Readdle / $6.99
A scanner in your pocket, the Scanner Pro gives you the ability to scan multiple documents, business cards, receipts and notes before uploading them to your server. Each document will be stored as a PDF and can be cropped, edited or turned into a landscape or portrait position. It's also a cinch to email your scanned documents with a one tap send button appearing once the scan is complete.


Stay up to speed with the latest footie results with the customisable Sky Sports Football Score Centre app. Choose your favourite teams and the corresponding scores and fixtures will be added to the home screen. However, that's not to say you can't check scores from all the other domestic leagues as well as read about the latest transfer and team news. If you're willing to pay the additional £4.99 a month, you'll also be able to access video highlights from every Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League game, as well as round-up videos from the lower leagues.

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