Samsung Galaxy S: Android 2.1 in HD and high spec

If high-tech hardware gets you all hot and bothered, cosy up to Samsung, because the Korean giant has officially announced the Galaxy S, the highest-spec Android phone we ever did see.


It's powered by the brand new Android 2.1 of course, and packs a four-inch WVGA touch-screen with next-gen 'Super' AMOLED tech, Qualcomm's uber-fast 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, and an five-megapixel camera with HD video. This means it pips even the Wave, Samsung's flagship smartphone on its own OS, bada, which packs 'only' a 3.3-inch WVGA screen.


Movie and music hounds will want to get touchy-feely with the Galaxy's S hyper-bright screen - the super AMOLED technology and high-res widescreen means the display is crisper and brighter, for the ultimate viewing of photos, high-def videos and ebooks.


Software-wise, we'll see Social Hub again (video) for an all-in-one phonebook and calendar that syncs Facebook, Google and Microsoft Outlook. And if the touch-response of the Wave was anything to go by, the Galaxy S is going to be pretty slick as well.


The usual Android bonuses apply - full Google Sync, 30,000-plus mostly-free apps at Android Market, and with 2.1, extra nifty features like voice-to-text in all text fields, live wallpapers and multi-touch.


Availability and price TBC.

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