Sandisk announces 32GB memory card

Sandisk has just released news of the company’s new microSDHC memory card which has just reached a capacity of 32GB and retails for around $200 but, realistically, a lot less. It will officially go on sale in April, according to the Pocket-lint website.

"This is the highest-capacity card of its type, and SanDisk is pleased to be the first to ship such an advanced product," Sanjay Mehrotra, president and CEO of SanDisk, said in a statement.

Such a card will be of great use to those looking to store images, video and music. In fact, for those phones that support it, the extra space will mean that better quality files will be able to be comfortably handled. For example, instead of poor quality MP3s, you may be able to store albums of high quality FLAC formatted tracks. Check out the utility called Coreplayer, a media player which allows mobile phone users to play FLAC files. You can download the utility here.

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