Vodafone-sourced HTC Magic ? virus alert!

If you have bought yourself a HTC Magic mobile phone from Vodafone during the past six months, be careful, it may contain a virus or, to be specific, the memory card attached to it may be infected.

The problem was flagged when an employee from Panda Security plugged a Magic into his Windows’ powered PC and the PC triggered a virus alert.

Apparently, the 8GB memory card that came with the phone was stuffed with three different virii: the Mariposa botnet (which is now defunct), the Conficker worm (which is easily controlled by a decent anti-virus checker) and a rather nasty password stealer (which is only activated if you double click on it). The problem originated in a batch of stock sold in Spain and up to 3,000 units may be affected. Vodafone is currently investigating the problem but was careful to insist that the phone itself and the Android OS is not infected and only those phones sold in Spain are liable to have the problem. Vodafone has said that it is sending letters to owners of the infected phones along with a new memory card.

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