Gresso luxury phones can now be personalised

Gresso, the Russian mobile outfit which specialises in producing luxury style phones for the well heeled and big pocketed, such as the Black Ceramic Black Carbon and the Lady Gold, has just announced that you can not only spend an awful lot of cash buying one of their phones but spend even more personalising the things. Apparently there are “almost 40” combinations to choose from. So, not 40 then…39, possibly? They include changing the case type, the keyboard design and even the type of leather you require. You can even personalise the text that you can engrave onto the phone itself. How about, “My other phone…is on the kitchen table.” Or, to reflect the company’s roots, “Keep your proletarian hands off my capitalist-inspired commodity.” Well, you can work on that one.

Customising your phone starts at a measly $2,200. All you need to do is visit Gresso’s Online Boutique. The phone itself is then created somewhere in Switzerland where it’s delivered within 14 days.

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