Samsung Diva wrapped in ?gold?

The Samsung Diva S7070 mobile phone, along with the Diva S5150, aimed at the ladies of this parish, has been spotted in a new livery – gold. Great, you might think, all you need to do is save up your pennies and, moments later, you can be accidentally pushing it into friend’s and colleague’s eye-lines with gay abandon.


There is a wrinkle, however. When observers spotted this new edition, there was no guarantee that the gold was real gold or, in fact, a new colour variation. So, until we receive confirmation, you might want to prevent any little faux pas: you show your friends your ‘gold’ phone and they declare that, yes, they’re seen that very same paint swab down at B&Q.

The new luxury edition of the Samsung Diva S7070 is reported to arrive with a rather swish handbag holder. We’ll pass on more details when we receive them.


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