Windows Phone 7 Series can?t Cut & Paste

Well, blow me down with a SDK, is this a bad, recurring nightmare or what? Remember the long, arduous, laborious saga over Apple’s early iPhone operating systems and the fact that they couldn’t handle a cut & paste facility and then, after much gnashing of teeth and the release of the v3.0 OS, that feature finally arrived? Well, now we’re to go through the whole business all over again with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series because the Engadget website has revealed that Microsoft’s shiny new OS won’t be able to handle cut & paste either!

Apparently, Microsoft has declared that there is a data-detection service that will be part of the  API that handles text that will see a phone number or address. But as for that clipboard facility? No.

But, hey, don’t worry about it, it’s not a problem. No, really. Microsoft, you see, has declared that Office users don’t need a clipboard functionality. Phew! So, you see? You were worrying over nothing, after all.

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