Android Market reaches 30,000 apps

The growth of the Android market, in a broad sense, is on the up and growing a-pace with, according to the Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, around 60,000 Android phones being sold every single day around the world. More specifically, the growth of the Android Market is also noticeable and rising having now reached a grand total of 30,000 apps. According to the Mobile Crunch website, that’s a rise of 16,000 apps in just three months. According to observers, around 60% of those included apps are free with the remainder being paid apps. Of course, the Android market has a way to go before it can reach the far more mature iPhone app market which can now boast in the region of 140,000 apps.

On a more general note, the research2guidance agency has predicted that the app market, as a whole, will reach a total value of $15 billion by 2013.

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