APP WATCH: Xobni for BlackBerry

BlackBerry email geeks just got a little more geek to their email. Outlook plug-in Xobni is now available as an app at the BlackBerry App World.


This handy program indexes your entire inbox and collates all the communication you've had with each contact. It also extracts information from the signature line, to beef up each contact with data like company name and phone number.


You can then get in touch - text, call, email - with anyone you've ever emailed, even if you haven't saved them to your contact book. And if you're anywhere near as popular as us, that's anything from a few hundred to a few thousand contacts.


And if you remember certain details, but not their name, Xobni can still dig up the contact - say, if you searched for 'Mobile Choice' you'd land on one of your favourite hacks right here. The app also ranks search results by relevance - i.e., who you contact the most, whether by call, text or email.


As well, the app syncs each contact with their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles (at least, if they've used the same email address). So far, so fun - Xobni Mobile syncs with its Outlook big bro (available in Free and Plus versions), where you'll be privy to all sorts of thought-provoking data such as who you email the most and who responds the fastest.


And when you have both installed, the desktop will also show you your entire communication history with a contact, including attachments, links and text messages. Xobni Mobile for BlackBerry app is available now, with support for more operating systems in the pipeline. The standalone mobile app is US$9.99 while the version that syncs data with outlook is $3.99.


Wondering where the name comes from? Xobni = inbox backwards. Wordplay!

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