Samsung readying first Windows Phone 7 Series handset

Like Google and Android before it, now that Microsoft has declared that its new, top of the line, operating system, Windows Phone 7 Series, is on the way, the race is on to see who can be first out of the gate with a suitable phone and, for each manufacturer, what phone will lead the way. Samsung has decided to show its hand with a new mobile that was recently shown at the MIX10 show, the conference aimed at web design and innovation.

What we don’t yet have, with this new Samsung phone, is a name. However, what we do know is that the phone will feature the very latest, Super AMOLED, screen which provides excellent contrast performance plus a high specification camera, probably a 8-megapixel version, according to the Slashgear website.

No other details have yet been revealed but expect a release before the end of the year.

Click to read the Slashgear story and see an accompanying video

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