Google Nexus One appears on Vodafone UK site

Despite not being quite the iPhone-killing machine it was initially made out to be during its pre-launch hype, the Google Nexus One remains a phone that many users aim to grab as soon as it appears on these shores. The moment of release was due to occur sometime in April. However, recent moves from Vodafone UK suggest that the official launch may have been pushed from that initial April date to March.


The handset has just appeared on the Vodafone website with a ‘coming soon’ tag attached to it. According to the Omio website, observers now believe that the phone will be officially released at the end of this month.


Additional details are few and far between. There is no indication of a final price, for example. However a two year contract via the German offices of Vodafone is said to arrive with a €150 price for the handset itself. We will supply more details when we receive them.


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