Apple to introduce iPhone multitasking?

Is multi-taskng on the way for the next iPhone OS - version 4.0?


The ‘problem’ of the lack of multi-tasking on the iPhone is seen by Apple as being a positive boon. At the moment, the iPhone’s OS is designed to close down the current app when the user returns back to the Home screen or accepts a new call. The reason lies in the security system that the iPhone employs. The fact that an app cannot actively run in the background on the iPhone means that the threat of spyware viruses and the like is eradicated. In addition, conservation of resources and battery life also play important factors.


However, it appears that that situation may be about to change as Apple is reported to be about to include multitasking into the next version of the iPhone OS, version 4.0. There is, as yet, no indication how the resources and battery issues will be tackled. Possible solutions, according to the Apple Insider website, are to save the state of he foreground app and place it to the rear or, alternatively, reduce the resoucres allocated to the background app.


This newly revealed rumour adds to the current list including an OS-wide multi-touch gesture support, new syncing features and enhanced graphics.


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