Mobiado announces new luxury phone

Creator of a range of luxury mobile phones, such as the 105GMT Stealth, Mobiado has now announced another new handset under the 'Classic' banner.


Although it is to be known as the Classic 712GCB, its feature count is very similar to the Classic 712ZAF.


Contained in a candybar chassis, the new phone includes a 2.2in screen of a QVGA resolution. The addition of 3G aids fast data transfer while a built in, 5-megapixel, camera arrives with an accopanying flash. A web browser also sits alongside GPS for location finding.


Regarding construction, the new Mobiado includes plenty of stainless steel and large sapphire crystal plates plus a smattering of 24 karat gold. In addition to that lot, the keys of the mobile are also made out of the same sapphire crystal. However, in this case they are hand-painted with gold.


We will pass on more information when we receive it.


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