HTC Tattoo to get Android 2.1 upgrade?

Reports are reaching us that the HTC Tattoo, the phone that has always been known as the company’s most affordable Android mobile phone, is ripe for an operating system upgrade to the latest version of the OS, 2.1. So bang goes the theory that only high-end handsets receive this particular flavour of Android.


According to HTC, the company is currently trying to integrate the Sense UI into the Android 2.1 architecture. This is not a particularly quick job to complete, by the way - the upgrade is apparently earmarked all the same, according to the FrAndroid website.


If you remember, the HTC Tattoo arrives with a 3.2-inch screen with a resistive interface which means you have to press on the surface to initiate a command.

You also get a 3.2-megapixel camera, HSDPA for fast data transfer and Wi-Fi.


We’ll provide more information on the upgrade when we receive it.


Click to read the FrAndroid story


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