iPhone most iconic mobile phone in 25 years

Usually we shy away from these surveys but we're in a reminiscent kind of mood. To celebrate 25 years of mobile phones in the UK, the University of Salford has compiled a list of the top ten mobiles in the UK. Somewhat unsurprising the Apple iPhone came out on top with 13.5% of the total votes, but there are certainly a few that made us look twice. The Motorola MicroTAC for example, coming in ninth on the list. We had to remind ourselves that this little bad boy was the world's first clamshell phone, while MOTO themselves secured three entries in the top ten.


We remember everyman and his dog having a Nokia 3210 (you remember the one that you could change the covers) so it's good to see it receiving some recognition in the number two spot. In fact Nokia tops the manufacturers in the poll with five. The survey was conducted in an online survey by the University of Salford and saw over 2,000 votes cast by 560 people (a small demographic we agree).


Top ten most iconic mobile phones in the last 25 years:

Apple iPhone                       (13.5%)
Nokia 3210                            (8.5%)
Nokia 6310                            (8.4%)
Nokia 5100 range                (7.8%)
Motorola Razr V3                 (6.5%)
Blackberry 8300 Curve       (5.7%)
Motorola 8000 range           (5.1%)
Nokia 9000                            (5.0%)
Motorola MicroTAC              (4.7%)
Nokia 7110                            (4.5%)

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