Forget iPad: Tons of tablets predicted this year

Thought the iPad was doomed to failure as a product with no niche? Well, up to 50 tablet PCs are predicted to launch by the end of the year.


Mashable is quoting the ODM manager of chip-maker ARM's worldwide mobile computing, Roy Chen, who also said that the first tablets would be launched by mobile networks in Q2. "You'll see a lot more in the third quarter," said Chen.


ARM makes processors for all types of computers and mobile devices, including the iPhone, so if anybody were going to have an insight into the exact number of tablet devices, it'd be them.


Chen also said some of the top ten networks and manufacturers would launch a tablet, and ARM actually showcased two tablets running Android at a recent news conference in Taipei. 50 could be pushing it, but with tablets likely to launch on at least a few platforms and networks, it's looking to be a pretty comfortable niche.

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