Nokia reveals two concept phones

It’s not too often that we get to see how Nokia’s imagination works but, recently, two new concept phone designs were released for public viewing that, at least, gives us some sort of idea of just how Nokia is viewing the future – at least in chassis design terms, if nothing else.


The first concept piece takes its inspiration from a military aircraft. To be specific, the USAF’s multi-faceted Stealth fighter. The designer, Reginald Shola Hingston, sees this design as a mid-level phone that should appeal to the tech-minded who enjoys the sculptured appearance. Apparently, the keypad would be operated via touch while the pearlescent glow would produce a red hue to resemble the light emanating from a cockpit radar screen. Finally, the rubberised matte texture would absorb light, adding to the Stealth feel to the chassis, according to the Concept Phones website.


The Nokia 82 Dragonfly, however, would be an entry level phone with a numeric keypad and a navigation mechanism beneath the screen.


They’re certainly different from Nokia’s current design pathway seen in the likes of the X6 and C5. Is this a more exciting design direction? Would you buy phones based on these designs? What do you think?


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