Nokia looks to develop revolutionary battery

Piezo…what? Well, it’s a form of battery technology and, if Nokia gets it to work, it might cause a major change in how we view mobile devices. You might not know it but you probably already carry around a device that works on a similar principle – a quartz watch. Piezoelectric is the technology that helps your watch to keep regular time. The technology is also used to transfer voice energy down a microphone into electrical signals that can be used by computer software for voice commands. And when you press a lighter switch to ignite a gas oven? That click spark is you squeezing a crystal and generating a voltage. Basically, therefore, Piezoelectricity allows crystals to convert energy into electricity.


And the advantage for a phone? When in your pocket, the movement of your body, walking down the road, will help to charge your phone as will the motion of your arm whilst holding the phone and so on.


A final battery model is still some time away, according to the Symbian Freak website. If you wish to read more, check out the patent information here.


Click to read the Symbian Freak story here


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