UPDATED: HTC Desire tariffs unveiled, pretty pricey

UPDATE: Omio has spied two new web-only deals for the HTC Desire on Carphone Warehouse which include the handset for free. Both contracts are £30/month plans for 24 months, with one offerring 900 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited internet, and the other 900 minutes with unlimited texts. Unfortunately for some, they're only available if you buy the Desire online.



HTC is sitting with the big boys now, as the tariffs for its flagship Android phone show.


Carphone Warehouse has announced T-Mobile tariffs for the HTC Desire, with unlimited web tariffs starting at £25/month for 18 months with a handset price of £179.99. £15 and £20 tariffs are also available, but trust us, you'll want all-inclusive data with all the social networking, emailing and browsing you'll be doing on a superphone like this.


For more minutes and texts, you can bump up to £30/month, 18-months, which gets you 600 minutes and 500 texts, plus a handset cost of £139.99. For £35/month, an 18-month contract comes with 900 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited data, and you'll have to pony up £119.99 for the handset. Full details at Carphone Warehouse, where you can also put in a pre-order.


The handset is available across all major networks, with Orange saying it will announce its tariffs in April, when the Desire launches.


Note: The above tariffs refer to T-Mobile plans available from Carphone Warehouse.

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