ZTE unveils a gang of phones

Since the announcements of its Pre-like phone and Vodafone initiative, ZTE has obviously had a bit of a brainstorm because it has just announced a positive rash of new mobile phones onto the market.


There’s plenty to tell you about so settle down at the back. First up is the Blade (otherwise known as Donut), which runs on Android 1.6 and features a 3.5-inch screen of WVGA resolution plus Wi-Fi, GPS, a compass and FM Radio.


Next, the ZTE Racer includes a 2.8-inch screen of QVGA resolution, Android 1.6, 3G for fast data transfers, Wi-Fi, GPS, compass, a light sensor and a proximity sensor.


Little is known about the ZTE Mercury except for its resemblance to the HTC Hero, while the ZTE G+2 is a MID with gaming facilities.


According to the Mobile Review website, the ZTE EQ2 features transparent, touch sensitive keys while the ZTE Smile resembles the Helio Ocean. The ZTE Cute looks like a Nokia N97 and, finally, ZTE also revealed the Valentina, which remains rather mysterious.


We will issue more deails on each when we receive them.


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