Orange to work with MeeGo

Reports are emanating from Orange that it is planning to utilise the recently announced MeeGo platform for a range of its own devices alongside the Intel Atom CPU.


MeeGo is an operating system that is the result of combining Nokia’s advanced Maemo OS, recently seen running the likes of the N900 device and Moblin (Mobile Linux), an Intel invention that takes an open source variant of Linux and tweaks it for mobile use.


Orange intends to use the resultant MeeGo in a range of smartphones, netbooks and Internet tablets, allowing them to take advantage of a range of Orange-lead services such as Orange TV and Orange Maps. According to Orange, the MeeGo OS will be fronted by an Orange-developed user interface.


Orange has yet to declare a release date for its first MeeGo device. Previously, Nokia and Intel has announced that initial devices from these companies would appear at the end of this year. Will we see Orange devices then?


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