Microsoft Project Pink phones for April release?

In amongst all the hullaballoo of the forthcoming launch of the Windows Phone 7 Series operating sytem and the repositioning of the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS into Windows Classic, the fate of the earlier mentioned Project Pink mobile phones, via Microsoft, have been side-lined and all but forgotten.


Microsoft, however, has apparently been busy continuing with their development and now it appears that an April launch is imminent – although the initial release will be in the USA.


There are, in fact, two phones: the Turtle and the Pure. The Turtle is a vertical slider and the Pure a horizontal slider. Both will feature a full QWERTY keyboard, according to the Gizmodo website. Feature details are few and far between for both handsets but reports say that both will feature highly developed social networking facilities and will not be so much smartphones as feature phones. Hence, expect a lower price point.


Vodafone is reported to be due to release them into the UK. We will report any further features, release details, prices and more when we receive them.


Click to read the Gizmodo story


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