WinMo 6.5 phones not upgradeable to Windows Phone 7

If you were hoping to upgrade your Windows Mobile 6.5 phone to the spiffy new Windows Phone 7, in the words of the immortal Nelson - HA-HA.


Microsoft is totally dropping the dinosaur which cursed, uh, made its name in mobile, and handsets on a WinMo 6.x system, including the relatively recent 6.5, will not be compatible with Windows Phone 7.


The thrust of the OS has totally changed as well, shifting from its business focus to a far more consumer-friendly (we're driving the smartphone sales these days, you know) media and gaming focus.


Nor will Windows Mobile apps (for v6.5 or earlier) be able to run on Windows Phone 7 handsets, so those 20,000+ apps at the Windows Marketplace may as well not exist when the first Windows 7 device comes out at the end of the year.


Of course, the fact that Windows Phone 7 is so very incompatible with the exquisitely unusable Windows Mobile is pretty promising, and maybe in a few years, we're going to be able to forget about WinMo too.


Via Unwired View

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