Opera Mini 5 beta launched for Windows Mobile 6.5

Opera has been busy, of late, creating a variety of versions of its popular Internet browser for mobile platforms. We recently saw a version for the iPhone and, before that, an early iteration of version 5. Now we have a specific version built for the Windows Mobile 5, 6.5 and 6.5.3 operating systems.


The great thing about this version of the browser is that it doesn’t require the operating system to be running Java which means that it will run on absolutely any handset running Windows Mobile. However, it does feature the same, Java-like, features such as tabbed browsing and Speed Dial as well as bookmarks and even a password manager for security.


The speed of this version of the browser is pretty nifty because the browser compresses data by around 90%.


You can download Opera Mini 5 beta for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 here.


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