Nokia puts Ovi Maps in your car

We didn't even have time to get jaded by Nokia's offer of free turn-by-turn sat nav before the guys from Espoo blew our minds again with the proposition of Ovi Maps integrated right into your car.


According to Engadget Mobile, Nokia and dashboard system manufacturer Alpine are teaming up to integrate Nokia smartphones into car dashboards so that you can view Ovi Maps on a built-in LCD display at least twice the size of your smartphone's, and pipe those voice directions through your ride's speaker system.


They're calling it 'Terminal Mode', and other aspects of the handset integrate too, so that you could also play music from your phone, take calls (with a handsfree set to speak into), set up traffic violation alerts, and surf for new apps to pimp your phone and ride.


Widgets showing weather reports, fuel levels and nearby places of interest are also on the cards, with the car system using the phone's GPS system to relay relevant information. You'll be able to connect the phone via USB or Bluetooth, depending how much battery you have. 


No specifics on availability, but according to Alpine, Terminal Mode is 'close to release'.

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