Kangatel?s ?call-by-call? service is cheaper than Skype

Already a huge success in Germany, 'call-by-call' or 'indirect access' calls have arrived in the UK. What are such things we hear you ask? Well basically it's a nifty little way of saving you money when making international calls on your mobile. As opposed to global SIM card services, Kangatel's call-by-call service doesn't require an additional SIM card. Customers can simply dial a short pre-fix number before the number you want to call. Though it is Kangatel themselves who will be charging the cheap rates, the charges will be added to your standard operator bill or deducted from your prepay account so you won't be receiving any additional bills.


Examples of the type of charges you may incur include, a call to an Australian mobile will cost just 10p a minute, as opposed to Skype who will charge you 15p. Kangatel is currently only available to contract and prepay customers on both T-Mobile and 3, while Orange prepay customers can also take advantage. More networks are expected to come onboard soon.

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