Spin your iPhone horizontal with Intempo Phono docking station

We know there are more iPhone docking stations than you can keep up with, but Intempo's latest offering at least sports a feature we haven't seen before. With the boxed-in remote control, users can turn the Phono 90 degrees which in turn spins the iPhone into a horizontal position. Though you'll have to remain close enough to see the screen, such a rotation has obvious benefits for watching movies both online and those stored on your phone's memory. Not only will the screen be optimised for movie viewing, but you'll also be treated to improved acoustics, with 20 watt speakers including a subwoofer speaker, digital EQ settings and volume controls. In layman's terms that basically means a whopping bass, powerful treble and basically the ability to play your music really really loud.


Although the Phono works with all iPods, it is specifically designed for the iPhone, with your music automatically pausing when you receive a call. Other features include an FM radio with 20 preset stations, an alarm (choose between waking up to your music, radio or an irritating beep) and an informative LCD display.


The Intempo Phono is available from Amazon for £99.99.

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