APP WATCH: CoPilot Live incorporates Facebook for the iPhone

ALK Technologies has updated its CoPilot Live app for the iPhone. Utilising the phone’s mobile internet capabilities, in particular Facebook, users can now post their journey on their wall. For example, friends and family will be able to see where you are, where you are going, as well as what music you are listening to. This Facebook Status update can be programmed so that it posts automatically, or if you do not want to display every journey you use CoPilot for, then the manual option means your movements will only be displayed as and when you wish.


Another new string to CoPilot’s bow is that each time you receive a voice instruction when listening to music on your iPhone, you can choose to mute or dim it, thus being able to hear the instructions more clearly. Users can also still search for products, services and shops via the integrated local internet search. CoPilot Live v8 for the iPhone is available now from the iPhone App Store, with UK and Ireland maps costing £26.99, or £49.99 for full European maps.


As for existing customers, well you lucky things can get the update for fee. For more information, visit

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